Frequently Asked Questions

Answer – Allure Corporate Facilitators are capable of providing recommendations and generating ideas for designing a course based on the information provided. However, I would need more specific details about your work, needs, requirements, and specifications to design a course that meets your specific needs.
Answer - The duration of the training will vary depending on the course content and delivery format. It could range from one-week intensive course but most do run two and three weeks. Normally board members usually get more time for training hence they can have even a month or more. We do design specific course of agreed durations on line with client requirements. Refer to our programmes page for more information or contact us at or phone us on contact number supplied
Answer - Training can be delivered in-person, online or a hybrid of both. Face to face discussions, lectures, video viewing and practical demonstrations and even industrial attachments if prior arrangements are made. The mode of delivery will depend on the course and the training provider. It is important to clarify this before enrolling in a course.
Answer – Allure Corporate Training offers discounts on more than five or more delegates attending a similar course at any given time for certain courses or to specific groups of people. It is important to discuss such options if they are available or the criteria used in giving discounts
Answer: The level of interactivity may vary depending on the type of course and the mode of delivery. Some courses may be more interactive, with group activities, discussions, and hands-on exercises, while others may be more lecture-based.


Dr. G. Mbwanji

Medical Hospital Superintendent

I was impressed with your facilitation. Unlike other facilitators, you provided clear way of directing conversation that allowed everyone to contribute, which improved participation and retention. Your advice on setting ground rules and emphasis on collaborative working were helpful, and I feel better equipped to deal with conflicts that arise from territorial fights for control between government and university staff. - Dr. G. Mbwanji – Medical Superintend, Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital

G. Munsongo


I am thoroughly impressed with the results of your training. The staff that completed the training have shown a remarkable improvement in the quality of their work and their attitude towards customers and colleagues. We want to continue working with you in all our future training. – G. Munsongo – Foreman, US Embassy Lusaka

T. Makhalane

Projects Manager

I have attended many training programs in my career, but I have to say that this training was the best ever. I appreciated your practical approach and project management experience, I now feel much more confident in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating projects. What impressed me most was your recommendation of involving all stakeholders from the outset and collaborative scheduling of project by implementing team. - T. Makhalane – Projects Manager, Lesotho Community Development Projects.

Matthew Bosha

Graduate Software Engineer

Thank you very much for the crash revision lessons. Your couching is quite unique. You tailor made it to suite the person that I am and took time to design what was best for me. Thank you. - Matthew Bosha - VC Graduate



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