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Why Our Training Program about Management and Leadership

Through leadership skills training, managers can learn how to create a vision for their team and how to inspire others to achieve it. They can also learn how to delegate tasks, build trust, and handle conflict. Leadership training bridges the gap between the type of organizational culture leaders think they are creating and the type of culture they want to create. By introducing leadership and management training programs, leaders will receive feedback on how they are affecting subordinates and what actions and steps can be taken to address areas that need instantaneous attention. Evaluating the effectiveness of leadership helps leaders identify strategies and techniques that can be employed to encourage the durable effectiveness, performance, and productivity of the organization and its members.

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Details of Our Course:

Engineering coure is comprised on 20 credits and have 5 core course modules. Our trainers will take onine classes and offline classes for the entire course. The course is divided in 3 segements; one final exam, five mid terms and one full course final exam.


Welding management is a concept that should be mastered by any shop or business that has a welding operation. Welding management should be viewed as a planned approach to achieve the best possible quality, cost, throughput, and safety - not only in welding operations, but also in fabrication and related manufacturing and maintenance operations. Another way to think of welding management, and its associated system approach is to picture a coach implementing a game plan to achieve a winning combination using the entire team—in this case, all of a company's available resources.

A company does much the same when they systematically integrate the efforts of the management, designers, manufacturing engineers, production personnel, and quality assurance through documentation and training to ensure the best outcome for each shift of every working day


Delegates will learn knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to: Identify the company's needs as they relate to quality, cost, throughput, and safety requirements and identify goals that will meet those needs successfully; Provide the equipment and other resources needed to achieve these goals as well as training for the operators; Provide, through the sustainability features of the system, an active role and support to ensure that the integrity of the system is maintained year after year. One of the sustainability features of this system is a monitoring, auditing, and reporting function that documents feedback from welding and fabrication personnel—feedback that is tracked and reviewed for corrective action. The leadership and management training course is designed to develop and extend the essential skills that new or existing managers need in order to perform their roles effectively and efficiently effectively.


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